Dam Maintenance in Emergencies

There are more than 30,000 privately owned dams in South Australia, some of which would pose a significant threat to downstream communities if they were to fail during a flood event. The new guidelines aim to provide information for private dam owners regarding their responsibility to maintain their dams to reduce the risks they pose to downstream communities and what to do if a dam threatens to fail or spill.


Click here to download a transcript of the "Private Dam Maintenance" video (54KB PDF).


The following documents contain information on dam maintenance and management in emergencies.

Private Dam Maintenance and Management in Emergencies Fact Sheet: 
A short overview of the issues, what to do and what not to do.

Private Dam Maintenance and Management in Emergencies:
A comprehensive guideline to dam maintenance and management during emergencies.

A Rapid Risk Assessment Template:
To assist dam owners to assess the risk of dam failure

An Emergency Action Plan Flowchart:
To assist dam owners determine the appropriate action to take in an emergency.

For more information on dam management during emergencies visit the Department for Environment and Water, Water Hazard Management web page.